G.K.E. are a full service, "FightSport" service company!

Along with our own Katana Fighting events, and promotional and support operations, we also operate a professional Fighter Management division, providing the full range of fighting career development, for all levels of combat sports athletes: Amateurs, Professionals, and Champions.

With well over over 30 years of involvement in the Martial Arts and Combat Sports, both in and out of the ring, all over the World on almost every continent, G.K.E. have excellent resources and experience in every aspect necessary in the Fightsport industry, to assist fighters in their quest to rise to the very top of the tree!

We -

• have highest level national, international, and global contacts;
• maintain excellent links with many, top level and major international promoters;
• will work with nearly every recognised and credible - federation, association, or sanctioning body;
• work across all recognised styles / formats of the fighting sports -



• U.R.K. - Unified Rules Kickboxing (GLORY / K-1 style);
• Kickboxing;
• Thai Boxing,
• Western Boxing.



• Global Rules;
• Unified / N.S.A.C. Rules.



G.K.E. offer management and support services to all fighters that are involved in the Fight Sport industry.
We offer professional career management to -


• Champion Fighters;
• Professional Fighters;


and offer management assistance and support, to "get somewhere" to -


• Semi - Pro Fighters;
• Amateur Fighters.

We also offer general "sponsorship" and support to both established fighters and developing in all disciplines, that need extra "backing". Fighters we currently support this way are -

Costel Pasnicuic - Katana, Middleweight Grand Prix Champion;
Loren Javier Jorge - Katana, WORLD, Cruiserweight Champion;
James MacSweeney - U.F.C. and International MMA fighter.

and many more in negotiation.


We will / can perform -

• Arrangement of fight contests, matches and title championships;
• Arrangement and building of Media profile;
• Provision of / arranging of, excellent fight training and sparring;
• Professional medical, and general support services;
• Legal, financial and business guidance.
• and much more...



G.K.E. also offer management and support services to other personnel that are involved in the Fight Sport industry. We can assist -


Event Personnel

• Officials: Referees, Judges, Score/Timekeepers, Doctors, etc;
• Support Staff: M.C.'s, Commentators, Ring girls, etc.


Competiton Personnel

• Trainers: Coaches, Specialist Coaches, Instructors, etc;
• Support: Cornercrew, Medical personnel, etc;


We will / can perform -

• Arrangement of working events - contests / bouts, etc,
• Arrangement of Fighters and/or Camps/Gyms/Clubs to work with and for;
• Legal, financial and business guidance.
• and much more...


To arrange a meeting with G.K.E., to see if and how we can help you to achieve what you hope to in your career in fighting sports, please get in touch -

Tel: +44 (0)7827 411274