G.K.E. have many years of experience in staging and promoting, quality martial arts / combat sports events. Coming from different promotion organisations and from various walks of life, the people behind G.K.E. have been repsonsible for some of the biggest, best, and most groundbreaking events ever staged in Scottish martial arts / combat sports, and some of the major "firsts" of these type of events.


G.K.E. can offer professional event management and many support services to all areas of the martial arts / combat sports event industry. From first time promoters to experienced promoters, to all persons involved in the promotion of any event, G.K.E. can provide full assistance and event production services.

We can assist you with, for example -


Event Planning:

• Venue - finding, negotiation, H&S regulations, etc;
• Licensing - all forms and types;
• Financial - budgeting, ticketing, revenue stream generation, etc;
• and much more...


Event Marketing:

• Poster design, printing, etc;
• Internet marketing - mail campaigns, Facebook, etc;
• Large scale marketing - radio, t.v., billboards, etc;
• and much more...


Event Organisation:

• Matchmaking;
• Personnel - staff, officials, medical, etc;
• Administration - ticketing, paperwork, etc;
• and much more...


Event Staging:

• Ring / Cage hire;
• Sound / Light & Staging hire;
• Special effects hire;
• and much more...


Media Support:

• Filming and broadcasting arrangements;
• Press & Media relations;
• and much more...